Most of you probably already know about the successful Ghosto Roblox Copy program. You might ask: “If SimCheats already has a Roblox Copy software, why make another one?”, well it’s actually a pretty funny reason. Ghosto challenged the rest of SimCheats to create a better version of Ghosto Roblox Copy, we of course accepted. This is what we made:


We think it looks better than Ghosto Roblox Copy, but sadly it is not faster. It is about the same speed.


  • Injector
    • Refresh
    • Select Process
    • Kill Process
    • Silent Injector
  • Instance Saver
    • Scripts
    • Workspace
    • Lighting
    • ReplicatedStorage
    • ReplicatedFirst
    • StarterPack
    • StarterGui
    • StarterPlayer
    • Export Location

How to use?

It is very easy to use it, simply open Roblox Crazy Savy, then open the game you want to copy. Click refresh over select process, then select the Roblox process. It will be called “RobloxPlayerBeta.exe”.

Then click inject. Make sure “Silent Injector is selected”

Now you can go over to the injector tab, toggle with the options, then select an export location and you are ready to go!

It’s that easy!


Status updated 5th March 2021
Still Working
Download page is up